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RaceCoin Podcast

Sep 23, 2019

Host: Jai Shukla & Guest: Sabine Schmitz


Q1 — How was childhood like growing up?

When the weather is good, Sabine Schmitz raced alongside her sisters leveraging on some nice collection of cars like 918 Porshe. They had a healthy rivalry as the practices some times without Sabine's knowledge so has to beat me on...

Sep 3, 2019

Host: Jai Shukla & Guest: Ben Hurst

Q1 — How did it all begin in Oakville, all the way to Canada, and now you're the British GT?

The dad of Ben Hurst stirred up the whole process when he took him to Bridgestone racing Academy to try out for a racing license.

Ben Hurst got started in Formula Ford, here in Canada....